Located in the heart of Notting Hill (W8, W11) and in Cannon street (EC4r, EC4N) we have over a decade of experience in providing physiotherapy to a range of people for wide variety of musculoskeletal problems and sports injuries. We are passionate in our desire to ensure that our patients receive the best treatment in a friendly and professional environment.

With a background in sport and insight into evidence-based research allows us to deliver high-level sports-specific rehabilitation programs to get you ready for your sport, exercise and working life.

Highly experienced sports physiotherapist Rob Ukaegbu offers in-depth assessment and accurate clinical reasoning to form a working diagnosis. His expertise in delivering effective treatments and injury prevention methods for musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries are well recognized. Whether elite or a recreational athlete, across a wide range of sports our knowledge and practical experience in analysing technique, restoring function and prescribing the right rehabilitation programme for you. 


Rob Ukaegbu MCSP SRP BSc (Hons) 

Rob is a highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapist and Sport & Exercise Scientist who leads the Physiogenie clinic in Notting Hill.

He has worked with Queens Park Rangers FC and Brentford FC in the management of lower limb sports injuries and combines his excellent manual therapy skills, varied treatment methods and tailored rehabilitation programs to restore clients to pain-free function following injuries and operations. 

Rob has vast experience in ACL injury rehabilitation consulting for football league club academies and has a passion for achieving consistently positive outcomes due to his expertise in functional and sports-specific rehabilitation. Having played sport to a high-level he understands what is required to recover from injury and achieve your goals.

He also has expertise in shoulder rehabilitation and complex sports-related injuries of the shoulder complex. Knee injuries and acute Lower back and Neck problems.

Rob is a full member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) and the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). 

PG Principles 



- Treat the cause not just the symptoms -

The human body is a complex system that works in unison. Each part is reliant on another functioning properly otherwise tissue failure can occur. The musculoskeletal pain that you feel is often an indicator that the cause is related to a part of your body not functioning correctly.  

Rather than temporarily solving your problem and finding yourself back at square one...we like to identify the underlying cause as soon as possible so we can empower you with the knowledge you need to perform. 




- Empowering you physically and psychologically is always our aim - 

Transforming your mindset in relation to an injury is often the important step toward overcoming your injury. 

Having a clear understanding of how your body functions and responds gives you a sense of control and can provide a liberating feeling when you know your body is in complete harmony. 




- Your recovery is perfectly timed allowing your to perform with confidence -

Whether you attend a weekly exercise class or if your preparing for a triathlon event the time comes after injury when you make that return to what you enjoy doing. 

Our desire is to restore you to your pre-injury level and where possible improve your level of performance. Whether it's strength, speed, stability, agility or posture, we want to help you gain something positive from your experience. 

Timing is the key throughout the treatment and rehab process. Your body's soft tissues all have a specific time it takes to heal. From the moment injury occurs the counter starts. The timing of your recovery with the aid of treatment ensures that at every stage of your rehabilitation you will be ready to make progress.

You now have the confidence to challenge you body within the safe parameters your body provides with our guidance.

Finally, you can progress to the next phase where the benefits of expert timing and varied progression of your rehab result in improved performance.