Cycle Lab is a dedicated service at Physiogenie providing bike assessments for cyclists of varying levels. We are trained in providing bike-fittings, devising strength and conditioning training programmes and advising on specific training methods.

Our aim is to identify the correct balance for you on the bike. The more balanced you are on the bike the less issues you have with your neck, back and pelvis the more you can focus on your performance during the ride.

Bike Assessments are undertaken by a professionally trained Bike-Fitter with broad experience in the management of recreational cyclists and triathletes. Our aim is to help optimise your performance by analysing your current set-up and advising and making adjustments that are required to give you the edge your looking for.

Physiogenie Cycle Lab we provide the following services:

·       Bike-Fitting service


·       Standard Bike Fit (75 mins): £95

-        Standard Bike Fit uses traditional static fitting methods. Suitable for

novice riders who desire a pain-free and well-balanced riding position.


·       Dynamic Bike Fit (1 hour 45 mins): £135


-        Includes cleat positioning, a musculoskeletal assessment, real-time bike fit on

 a turbo trainer.


·       Strength, Flexibility and Conditioning Training Programmes.

·       Musculoskeletal Assessments & Biomechanical Screenings.

Who Is Suitable for Cycle Lab?

Whether you are a novice or training for a cycling or triathlon event, ensuring that your bike is fitted correctly allows you to focus on optimising your performance.

How To Proceed

Give us a call or send us an email outlining the service you require. Please provide us a description of your bike (Make & Model).

To book an appointment: Call 020 7117 2978