The gym screening is like a car MOT. It's specifically designed to identify any faults or risk factors that have the potential to lead to an injury or the reoccurrence of a pre-existing injury. 

We work closely with some of london's top trainer to provide individually tailored preventative programmes to incorporate into the your training routine.

The aim of this multi-disciplined approach makes training more specific to you, whilst also decreasing the risk of injury.


If your planning to return to gym training or start working with a personal trainer it is advised that you undergo a musculoskeletal assessment to identify problem areas and reduce the risk injury during gym sessions.


Once the areas have been identified we work closely with personal trainers to ensure that your current physical condition is taken into consideration during training. This ensures that your programme is tailored to reduce the risk of injury allowing for safe progression of exercises to achieve your training goals.


What are the benefits of a musculoskeletal screening?


·      To identify neuromusculoskeletal conditions and risk factors that could place you at risk for certain activities

·      A comprehensive MSK screening provides the trainer with greater insight to prescribe the most effective exercises with a reduced risk of injury.

·      Allows a trainer to modify your workout to suit you. You may have had difficulty with a particular exercise previously that you trainer can find solutions to with the aid of an MSK screening.

·      Facilitates better communication between you and your trainer with regards to problems that may concern you during training.


What will happen during my MSK screening?


MSK Gym Screenings are will take 45-mins which will include a comprehensive assessment including physical examination, functional and biomechanical testing. You will be provided with a report for your records that can be shown to your trainer prior to your gym sessions.


Fees: £85 Initial Assessment & Treatment Plan.


To book an appointment:

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