We perform musculoskeletal assessments, biomechanics analysis and provide tailored programmes to correct muscle imbalances that can lead to injury by improving strength and conditioning to increase the efficiency of your running.

Whether you suffer from tendon injuries whilst running or your running schedule is affected due to injury, let us investigate further. 

Our service is for runners of all levels. You could be getting back into the routine after stopping for a period or you may be training for a marathon or 10km event. Whatever your goal may be our aim is to make sure that you are properly prepared for what lies ahead and that your performance is optimised.

We use video technology to analyse your gait and running, with the ultimate aim being to implement the methods in order to optimise your running style whilst preventing injuries. 


What to expect when I visit?

Your assessment you will begin with an advanced assessment specific to your running requirements in addition to obtaining details regarding your general health.

The assessment aim: 

·       To identify what type of runner you are

·        If any previous history of injuries may affect your current ability to run. 

·       Specific areas of possible injury.

Treadmill Running Assessment

·       Dynamic assessment of running style on treadmill

·       Analysis of current running style.  

·       Techniques to improve the efficiency of your running style.


Assessment Outcome

·       Tailored strength and conditioning programme.

·       Advice on preventing further injuries

·       Advice on footwear

·       Musculoskeletal and running analysis report

·       A referral to an experienced musculoskeletal sports podiatrist as required.


Your running assessment will be 1hour 15mins.

To book an appointment:

Call 020 7117 2978

Email: info@physiogenie.com