We provide a comprehensive service for treating individuals with sport-related injuries. Being passionate about sports and having the expertise in treating a wide range of sports injuries ensures you’re in the best hands at.

We have consulted for premier league and football league clubs and are committed to maximising treatment outcomes through evidence-guided research.

We treat a wide variety of sport injuries ranging from complex tendon problems sustained whilst running or persistent shoulder pain from tennis and commonly manage the rehabilitation of athletes following operations. These include ACL knee ligament reconstruction surgery or a shoulder rotator cuff repair.

Our experience in identifying methods to prevent injuries, resolve common problems and improve performance gives us an edge that results in a positive treatment outcome for you.


How we treat Sports Injuries.


Once we have completed a comprehensive assessment we devised treatment programme specific to the injury and your requirements with the primary aim being to return you to sport at the right time.

Your tailored treatment and rehabilitation programme will consist of manual therapy, strength and conditioning including gym-based rehabilitation, sports massage and sports-specific rehab.

Your injury and performance will be measured after each session to ensure you are making progress toward your specific and timed goal.

Sports covered include:

  • Football
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Skiing
  • Rugby
  • Golf
  • Athletics
  • Swimming