Sports Massage is a form of deep tissue massage which is specific to alleviating muscles aches and tension developed after exercise or sporting activities.

you will be in the best hands AS we are renowned in Notting Hill W11, W8 & W14 for the quality of our sports massages. 

Our patients are often preparing for an event or want to supplement their training so our therapists are keen to identify those specific goals to effectively plan a tailored treatment and rehabilitation programme.

There are many benefits gained from a thorough sports massage both pre and post exercise which are outlined below.


Physical Benefits of Sports Massage Pre & Post Exercise.


  • Decreased Muscle Soreness

         Improves Sports/Exercise performance.

      a) Pre- exercise:  prepares the body for exertion

      b) Post Exercise: relaxes & stabilises the body

      c) Improves Recovery                

         - Decreases Fatigue

         - Decreases Trigger points

         - Decreases Muscle Tightness

         d) Prevents Injuries

          - Decreases Trigger points

          - Decreases Scar tissue


  • Increases Range of Movement:

        - Increases Muscle Elasticity

        - Decreases Tension & pressure within the muscles.

    - Breaks down scar tissue from Overtraining.


  • Increases Tissue permaeabiliy

           opens pores that enable the passage of fluid & nutrients through, therefore removing

            waste products & increasing oxygen & nutrient uptake quicker.


Physiological effects of Sports Massage


  • Pain Reduction

      – massage reduces tension and the build-up of waste products that cause pain

  • Relaxation

      – Mechanoreceptors that are sensitive to pressure and sense touch, warmth and

      tissue length are stimulated, which in turn causes reflex relaxation.


Psychological effects of Sports Massage

  • Reduction of anxiety.
  • Invigorating effect including increased alertness and a positive outlook.



30 mins - £45

3 session booklet - £130

5 session booklet - £220

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